The Borrowers are a duo DJ/producer group comprised of Marvin (AKA The Clown Prince) and Paige (The Lothario). Longtime friends, the two decided to team up in 2014 after realizing electronic music had to “stop taking itself so seriously.” They made their debut at Moonrise Festival, and have been official SXSW artists the past two years, performing the Insomniac Records showcase in 2017.  In addition to their residency, they have been guests on Radar Radio and Philly’s GGTV, and continue to host their own events in Washington, DC. The pair collaborated on an event series called GUESTLIST with Classicaltrax and LENG, which was held in the basement of the famed 9:30 Club. While heavily influenced by club and bass music, their DJ sets extract the most thrilling songs from a wider range of genres. They are a highly animated pair, whose fun energy is manifests in their lively productions. The Borrowers are currently working on their first EP.