A decade after not being cast in her college's production of Beauty and the Beast later, Long Island, NY-born and Washington, DC area-residing DJ, producer and vocalist Jett Chandon has emerged as a creative force on the rise. Dropping the chip on her shoulder onto the dance floor has caused a funky sonic boom that's resonated with techno and UK garage fanatics worldwide.
Chandon's aim is to blend fanatic dance culture fandom with a knack for selections that intriguingly merge time, space and place. She's honed this skill by spinning alongside artists whose legacies she respects and talents she values like US dubstep DJ godfather Joe Nice, breakthrough UK garage legend MJ Cole, and other top names including Clicks and Whistles, Swindle, DJ EZ, Jack Beats, Peverlist, Kowton, and more. These opportunities have opened both eyes and ears, leading to her first monthly broadcast slot on vaunted portal
Her talents exist past the turntables, too. Between her operatic vocal training, and skill in both musical theory and modern dance, she's multi-faceted and making surges as a producer and artist. Her multi-faceted skillset and passion to connect people via music manifests itself in her artistic motivations as she notes that "[she] believes that bass music is a foundation that holds a resonance like no other and without it, there is no structure to tell a story."
In discovering techno and UK garage as the best ways to both be and love herself, Jett Chandon's sound and style has allowed her to begin establishing her own unique standard of excellence.
Affiliations: The SpreadLove Project, One Love Massive, L.E.N.G