In 1998, while attending the School of Visual Arts in New York City, Mark began DJing  Jungle / Drum and Bass at his college radio station, open turntable nights and weekly events. In 2000 he moved back to his hometown, Buffalo, NY and continued to DJ but expanding his create to not only uptempo styles but downtempo, hip-hop and more. It wasn’t until 2004 when Mark began experimenting with production. For the first several years it was strictly done out of curiosity and passion for music. Some of the results ended up in his DJ sets but most would stay unheard. In 2012 Mark began making Footwork Jungle edits of some of his favorite Jungle tracks - influenced by Om Unit’s edits under the alias Phillip D. Kick. The following year Mark decided to start his on label based around the hybrid sounds of Jungle and Footwork called Ground Mass Music. He has released music from artists around the globe including: Coleco, Graphs, Homesick, J(ay).A.D, Wellbelove, DLX and more. Over the last few years he has developed into his own sound taking influence from not only early Drum and Bass, Footwork, Autonomic and Jungle but his love of Post Rock, Jazz, Classical / Chamber music. He has gained from Om Unit, Doc Scott, Deft, Gremlinz, Stunna, Neuropol, Tim Parker, Sarah Farina and more.