Mikey Dubs is the deep, dank and dubwise alias of the one like Mike Reger, a Brooklyn-based veteran producer and DJ of more than 20 years with many aliases and projects covering a wide gamut of electronic musical styles. A lifelong musical chameleon, Mikey has played bass, synths, drums and electronics in many live bands, from post-punk and industrial to dub reggae to most recently the synthwave act Jade Lover. In the late 90’s and early 2000’s, Mikey was part of the DC-based live downtempo, jungle and dub act, Avatars of Dub on Thievery Corporation’s Eighteenth Street Lounge Records followed by releases for labels like Stereo Deluxe, Select Cuts/Blood and Fire, Echo Beach, Kickin UK, Sony, Warner, etc. and even a remix of dub reggae legend King Tubby. In the early naughties, Mikey moved to Brooklyn and under his eclectic downtempo nom de plum De Rigueur put out EP’s on Citrona, Timewarp, Kraak Records and others, as well as experimental and dub techno as Mikro Sound System, Love of Ruins and more. As Mikey Dubs, he’s released only a handful of limited vinyl and a scattering of remixes and digital releases officially so far but countless VIP tracks in his bi-weekly radio show on transit.fm, and a long history of exclusive dubs at DJ and live gigs suggests there is a stockpile he’s always strategically ready to drop. And Mikey’s style isn’t limited by genre or tempo. Everything from bubbling ambient to grimey industrial and experimental tech sounds blend with heavy sub base crafted for sound systems and an open attitude toward rhythms that span from the most weightless and abstract to 4 on the floor flavors to hard swung garage and dubstep to the densest deconstructed breaks, jungle, footwork, halftime, wrong speed and beyond but always with an ear for space and depth as well as the dance as studied from a lifelong obsession with sound system and night club culture as much as headphone and home listening chillage. His is a heady, good body buzzing echo chamber.