KUNAI is the alias under which Garen Powers, a 25 year old Denton Texas based beat producer and DJ writes music and performs.  Grime, Club and Footwork are just some of the genres weaponized by KUNAI to deliver devastatingly dark rhythms and tight percussion to the dance floor.  Tracing his inspirational roots from London and Germany, to South Africa, Japan and Hawaii, KUNAI will stop at nothing to envelope the club in an intense overpowering presence and give listeners a feeling of necessity to dance.  

"My music and even my DJ sets are a mix of audio alchemy and deep black emotion.  I don't believe gazing into the abyss must be a painful or negative experience, but a powerful, dynamic, therapeutic and cathartic one.  If music is dark, it draws upon something intrinsically tied to our basic core instincts.  We tend to either forget these levels of consciousness exist, or choose to ignore them.  Either out of fear or ignorance, pushing these feelings away has caused us to become emotionally hollow in our modern times.  I hope to give the dancer, studier, listener, raver or inner city youth walking to the corner store a release and quick indulgence.  To remind them that they re not alone and others feel what they feel, that this experience is shared and meaningful."