Brooklyn native EZRA grew up exposed to a variety of sounds from his parents – they were lovers of hip hop, dancehall, jazz, indie rock, electronica – which helped mold the unique eclectic sound he has today. EZRA started selecting and mixing records on his mother’s Technics from the age of 5, and became more serious about DJing and producing at the age of 15 when he started classes at Scratch DJ Academy in Miami. He then continued on that path, and began working as a TA at Scratch Academy’s flagship in New York City for the next four years.
Even as a young kid, EZRA had a sophistication and technical proficiency that exceeded producers of more advanced age. His education in the music industry gained more maturity through internships at Dennis Ferrer's Objektivity and online record shop, Downtown 301.
EZRA’s production and DJ style meshes dub, bass, house and world music, representing the diversity of culture and flavors of his hometown, as well as his world travels. He’s an old soul with young blood and a spiritual nature – his music is deep, meditative and from the heart – taking listeners through a journey of notes and beats that track an alternative landscape from the mainstream.
Music composition runs in EZRA’s blood – he’s the grandson of avant-garde composer William Brezina, related to a slew of professional classical musicians, and even the Manhattan-based salsa singer Henry Fiol – creative ideas flow through his veins, resulting in a prolific library of songs.
He’s blessed ears at venues all over the US, from warehouse raves to art gallery soirées, bars and house parties, meditation/sound healing events.
Giving EZRA’s music a listen guarantees a danceable blend of soulful sounds that takes the participant to new, but familiar, places that are peaceful yet lively. Tune in and smile.