Brooklyn-bassed producer, sound designer and multi-dimensional DJ. Having grown up in Georgia, Kazakhstan & Russia, Break Bomb has developed a need for constant cultural evolution and a unique blend of production that follows.

Rocking warehouse parties spanning NY/NJ/PA and NYC club crowds at Webster Hall, The Delancey, Bar13, 2A, 49 Grove as well as having shared the stage with Michal Mennert, Freddy Todd, Manic Focus, Jackson Whalan, Kaminanda, iX, Skytree, Srikala and many more in the psychedelic scene. 

Passionate world-bass / future-beat genre-pusher since 2012, fusing latin culture into his latest sound. All-around audio addict who's either producing, performing, supplying sound systems for bass-intensive events or managing talent over @sinedrecords.